ROGUE LONG SLEEVE PERFORMANCE HUNTING SHIRT WITH L-AV8 ROGUE LIGHTWEIGHT HUNTING BASE LAYER PANT WITH L-AV8 There are those who are satisfied with walking to the edge of God’s creations, stopping, and gazing in awe at the power and beauty of all they see. Their quest goes no further. T...Read More


Mission: VERT was founded on integrity; seeking to raise individual's maximum potential through the clothes they wear. BIO: Kristi Devert is a former US SOCCER NATIONAL TEAM PLAYER who represented the U.S. at every level. Starting at the age of 15, Kristi was a member of the U.S. Under 16 Na...Read More

Timber Gangster

Our Cause: Protecting the freedom to forever seek our next adventure Here at L-AV8 we live our lives outdoors, and want to preserve the freedom to do just that on the public land we share and enjoy every day. Taylor Spike is the face of our inspiration. The mountain marathoner and thrill seek...Read More