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Does it wash out?

Since the L-AV8 IE (Infused Energy) process bonds to materials at a molecular level it stays charged for its lifetime.  Through our extensive testing of washing and drying, the charge has neither diminished nor changed.

How fast can I expect results?

Most customers experience the effects immediately.  Studies have shown that people with more toxins in their bodies tend to take longer to see the effects.  While others have noticed immediate improvement to their flexibility, balance, strength, endurance or other benefits, A small percentage of people have not noticed changes , however all test subjects to date have reported improved recovery.

Does the target area make a difference?

Yes.  If you target a specific area with our L-AV8 material, the affected region will see more improvement.   Positive attributes can still be seen all throughout the body however.  The more material infused with our technology that comes into contact with your skin the more you can amplify your results.


Since individuals body chemistry and magnetic fields vary, results are different for everyone.  Our products are not intended or implied to be substituted for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment; and this product does not have cure any illness or disease.