Women’s L-AV8 Performance Socks 3-Pack

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L-AV8 Performance Socks are made from Graphene fibers which are infused with L-AV8 IE Technology.

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Product Description

The L-AV8 Performance Socks are made from Graphene fibers which are infused with L-AV8 IE Technology.  When working in conjunction, these two technologies offer numerous benefits.  The moisture wicking fibers keep your feet dry and odor free while also improving circulation.  Wearing L-AV8 Performance Socks creates less inflammation which results in improved endurance, recovery and flexibility.  These durable Graphene fibers provide unparalleled comfort for any occasion.

  • Women’s size 6-10
  • Crew Cut
  • 3-Pack
  • Infused with L-AV8 IE Technology for improved endurance, recovery and flexibility
  • Made with a superior Polyester and Graphene blend for durability, comfort, antimicrobial and moisture wicking

3 reviews for Women’s L-AV8 Performance Socks 3-Pack

  1. Lee Doyel

    The L-AV8 socks I bought a month ago have become my favorite socks. I’m going to have to buy more since my wife keeps sneaking them out of my dresser drawers. Foot fatigue has been eliminated.

  2. Cindy James

    I put these socks and immediately felt the difference. I like a quality pair of socks and I would certainly recommend these for amazing support but also the added benefits of their technology.

  3. Kailee D

    I’m a waitress and by the end of the day I can’t wait to get home and put my feet up. My feet hurt so bad it’s hard to sleep. But I bought some of these socks and for the first time I can work long shifts without unbearable foot pain. They’re durable too. Highly recommend.

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