Throughout my life I have broken several bones, 17 to be exact. It all started when I was fourteen years old.

I was riding my bicycle when I was hit by a car that was going 45 mph at the point of impact. I broke my pelvic bone, left femur in half, ankle and foot in a few places along with my right hand in 2 places. I was in a wheelchair and crutches for over a year learning to walk again and had 2 surgery’s to fix my leg. They had to put a titanium rod in my femur because they could not cast it. 2 years later, I had them remove it so I could join the military.
Several years later, I began racing motorcycles professionally. During my career I managed to break several more bones. I broke my pelvic bone a second time and my left shoulder twice along with several ribs, my right hand a few more times and finally in 2006 I broke my back. I crushed the L4 vertebra into a strange trapezoid shape. It ended my career and I hired a personal trainer to help me rehab my back.
I wanted to use exercise and fitness to manage my pain and not pills. Ever since my back injury, the pain is manageable, but my flexibility is not what it should be. I have not been able to come close to touching my toes in at least 5-6 years.

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