The 8 core benefits listed below are some of what our customers have experienced while wearing L-AV8 ION ENERGY Technology. Every individual is unique. Imagine how you will L-AV8? L-AV8 ION ENERGY Technology may help you with the following:

Better Sleep – Sleep through the night / Awake alert / Recover more quickly / Less aches and pains

More Energy – Feel less fatigue & more motivation / Aids in a happier and healthier lifestyle

Increased Strength – Exert less energy while doing more / Get more out of each workout 

More Endurance – Longer workouts / More productive / Maintain focus

Increased Flexibility – Reduce muscle stress / Assist with posture and balance / Reduce risk of injury

Sustained Hydration – Fight muscle fatigue / Protect joints and cartilage / Aid in weight loss

Muscle Recovery – Take fewer brakes during workouts / Repair muscle damage faster / Decreased soreness 

Less Inflammation – Decreased pain in joints and muscles / Better circulation / Rejuvenate tissue / Heal faster