ION ENERGY influences your entire body.  If you sleep in the bedding, you’ll experience total body changes that include deeper or more restufl sleep but you will also benefit if you have body stiffness or muscle sorness whether it’s from over exertion or some underlying inflammation like arthritis or other medical conditions.  Our customers have experienced better benefits when products are positioned closer to the area they want to affect.


  • SUPPORTS – If your knees are problematic or your legs are tired and need recovery, choose the Knee Supports.
  • LEGGINGS – If your legs are tired or fatigued and need serious recovery, choose the Leggings or Boxers (coming).
  • SHIRTS – If you have a sore shoulder, stiffness, lack range-of-motion or upper general body weakness, choose one of the Shirts.
  • SOCKS – If you have stiffness or soreness in your ankles or feet or if you need to increase circulation in your feet, choose the Socks.
  • HEADWEAR – If your mind feels sluggish or you want to improve mental alertness, choose the Ion Cap or Neck Gaiter.
  • BEDDING – If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep; if you wake up with body stiffness, choose Bedding.

Customers often ask what is the best scenario with respect to ION ENERGY infused products.  Ideally, you would sleep in the bedding and wear a few articles like shirt, boxers or leggings and socks.  That would cover you with ION ENERGY from head to toe and you’d maximize the benefits.  Wearing any of the L-AV8 items will provide energy or relief, depending on your individual needs so whatever you choose, you’ll get the benefit.