3D Knitted Knee Brace with Silica Gel Pad

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This elastic knee compression sleeve support infused with L-AV8 I.E. Technology and with a 4 way stretch capability, offers all around superior protection and is a must have for runners, weightlifters, or professional athletes.

Sports usage: running, basketball, soccer, football, golf, cycling, tennis, hiking, volleyball, skiing and much more.

Material:Spandex and super elastic nylon,easy to wear thanks to its light and soft material, for a long life-span.Unisex,all-year round, all season wear. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. Wearing L-AV8 combines both style and function – enhancing your performance like never before.

  • Pain relief from arthritis, joint pain relief, tendonitis, post-surgery, swelling as well as strains and sprains.The compression knee sleeves reduce inflammation and swelling associated with injuries.
  • Anatomically shaped to prevent injuries and accelerate your recovery. Its heating effect improves circulations and promotes muscular recovery. Great for healing, recovery and rehab.
  • Anti-slip silicone and elastic support material to offer stable compression. No slipping, no rolling off, no sliding down.So you won’t have to readjust them,they will stay put.
  • Comfortable for everyday wear: Good knee support with no stiffness,no itching. Designed for full mobility & comfort.Recommended for: walking, hiking, jogging, running, workout, cross training, running, cycling, gym, tennis, dancing, basketball and other exercises,and any activity that put stress on your knees.

3 reviews for 3D Knitted Knee Brace with Silica Gel Pad

  1. Kathy T.

    I love my knee brace! My knee hasn’t felt this good in years, I think I’m going to buy another.

  2. Sally T

    My son bought me one of these because he loved his so much it took his knee pain away right away. He gave it to me a few days ago and I didn’t notice anything different rite away but I kept wearing it all week and and I love it, my knee feels so good I feel like I’ve got a new one and 20 yers younger.l like the gel ring.

  3. Kevin Calugarue

    My knees feel 20 years younger when I wear these they really reduce the pain from sports injuries and years of construction jobs. I’ll get the bed sheets too.

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