L-AV8 Infused ATP Spray


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L-AV8’s all new Infused ATP (Adenosine-5-triphosphate) Spray is perfect for those seeking a natural way to enhance their pre- and post-performance results.  ATP is a molecule our bodies use every day to store and access chemical energy.  When broken down it releases sustained energy that fuels the body. With the addition of L-AV8 IE Technology, the Infused ATP Spray can provide increased strength and flexibility during workouts.  When cooling down and after a workout, you will recognize improved recovery and reduced surface inflammation.  All of these benefits can be enhanced by wearing clothing infused with L-AV8 IE Technology. L-AV8 ATP Spray also contains Vitamin E, Royal Jelly and Magnesium which help supply the body with essential nutrients. Best of all, it does not conflict with other pre-workout products, but in fact enhances their potential.  The Infused L-AV8 ATP Spray can be seen as an additional way to supplement your body with nutrients and natural energy.


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