L-AV8 Restful Recovery Sheets – Ivory

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L-AV8 Restful Recovery Sheets, microfiber deluxe polished sheets are all infused with L-AV8 IE Technology.

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Product Description

The L-AV8 Restful Recovery Sheets are your ticket to an enhanced night of sleep.  These microfiber deluxe polished sheets are all infused with L-AV8 IE Technology which provide health and wellness benefits even when dreaming.  Resting in the sheets allows for increased energy in the morning, reduced inflammation and enhanced recovery.  We sleep almost a third of our lives – achieve a better lifestyle with no effort at all!  Since your entire body is wrapped by L-AV8 IE Technology the effect is stronger and you can be happily seeing the benefits 24 hours a day.  Who knows, it may even give you a new reason to sleep in!

• Ivory Color

• Includes: 1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Flat Sheet, and 2 Pillow Cases

• Queen and King sized sheets are deep pocketed to fit pillow top mattresses. Work well on standard mattresses.

• The Bedding Bag is also infused as an added bonus, use as a travel pillowcase to make sure you’re benefitting from L-AV8 IE Technology where ever you go!


19 reviews for L-AV8 Restful Recovery Sheets – Ivory

  1. Ashley M.

    These sheets are amazing! I have three little ones, and every noise wakes me up at night. When I got these sheets, I noticed I sleep very sound, and rarely wake up during the night. I even travel with my pillowcase to make sure I’m sleeping with some of the L-AV8 technology every night. These sheets are worth every penny!

  2. Debbie

    I got these sheets several days ago and after sleeping on them for about a week I feel so much more rested because I’m sleeping much better, with fewer aches and pains too. I’m going to get some twin size for my daughter who is a sophomore in college because if she’s getting better rest she should do better on her final exams.

  3. Brett

    These sheets rock! I slept in them last night after a hard workout and already notice the difference. I’m feeling much better today than I normally do after a day at the gym.

  4. Dale D

    Love the way these sheets make me feel. No joint pain when I wake up in the morning.

  5. Chris

    I tried these sheets, they’re incredible and have really helped reduce my back pain. I’m going to get a set for my aging Dad for Fathers Day.

  6. Matt K.

    Can’t believe how much better I feel after sleeping on these sheets for about a week now. Best part is I haven’t needed any pain medication for the last few days. I bought the king size and they fit very well on my pillow-top mattress.

  7. Mark

    I can’t say enough about these sheets. Their very soft and when I get up in the morning I feel like I’ve had a very good nights sleep and feeling no pain. I would def buy them again.

  8. Jan

    I did a lot of gardening over the weekend I usually really pay for it after all that bending and kneeling. But after sleeping on these sheets last night I’ve noticed that I’m feeling good this morning and so much better than usual. These sheets are worth the price.

  9. Jack

    I’m having a hard time believing how much better my arthritis is after using these sheets for a while. I’m getting some for my parents and in-laws so they can experience the L-AV8 difference. It’s worth the investment.

  10. Nancy

    It’s really good quality sheets,soft and comfortable.I like them very much!

  11. Ryan

    At first I wasn’t going to buy these cuz I don’t really like microfiber. But my wife convinced me it’s all about the L-AV8 tech. I’m really glad she did the microfiber is very soft. I’m feeling so much better and have the energy to do all the things on her honey do list. Now she’s happy and I’m sleeping good and feeling great.

  12. Luke Ellifritz

    I am sold on these sheets and technology! I am not a good sleeper, after the second night of sleeping on these sheets I have awoken more rested and have noticeably less tension in my back! I highly recommend this product!

  13. Lacey

    These sheets are soft and fit my pillow top mattress. But I was pleasantly surprised that they make me feel so much better. I’ve used them for four weeks now and my fibromyalgia pain is much improved. For that alone they’re completely worth the price. I’m going to I won’t go to sleep unless they’re on the bed. If only I was Roman and could wear a sheet to work every day!
    Highly recommend.

  14. Jeri

    Well I purchased the sheets on the 28th of August and let me tell you, I have slept like a baby. Before I purchased the L-AV8 sheets I would wake up every 2 hours and then struggle to go back to sleep. This was every night!! Since purchasing the sheets I now sleep through the night. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to greet the day. This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Thanks L-AV8 I will be purchasing more items.

  15. Carissa

    I suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Since using these sheets (for about 3 weeks now) I’m feeling a lot better physically and not nearly as tired all the time. I feel rested when I wake up for the first time in years. My husband loves them because they help him recover quicker after his workouts. It’s a win for us both.

  16. Dillon Isaak

    I recently became a big firm believer in these sheets! Used them religiously for a few months now. Had two full sets so I could interchange them as one needed washed. I was sleeping really good, waking up rested and ready for the day. Just recently I changed out the sheets to an off brand and all it took is one night to quickly regret that decision. I gave it a few nights to see if it was just me but sleep just wasn’t the same and when I put the L-AV8 sheets back on, it was back to heavenly sleeps and beautiful mornings!

  17. Gerilynne Spencer

    These sheets are soft and wick away moisture. They’d be worth the price for that reason alone, since I began with having hot flashes, but the truth is they also help me sleep so much better too.

  18. Tracey McMillan

    I ❤️ The way these sheets make me feel. After sleeping on these for a few weeks I feel so much better and sleep better too. I had to go out of town for a few days and really noticed the difference when I wasn’t using them, the stiffness and pain from arthritis was back. I would never of believed just sleeping on sheets would help me feel that much better if I hadn’t experienced it.

  19. Misty

    I love these sheets and they love me. My mom got them for me and didn’t tell me how they worked to make you feel better. With arthritis you just get used to feeling bad most of the time. After a couple of weeks of using them I noticed I was in a lot less pain even when the weather was bad. After I told her that I’d been feeling so much better lately she told me it’s in the sheets. I wasn’t sure how that could be but I looked up the technology and holey moley, I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t experienced it. I’m buying another set so I will always have them on the bed.

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