Unisex Black L-AV8 Performance Socks 3-Pack

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L-AV8 Performance Socks are made from Graphene fibers which are infused with L-AV8 IE Technology.

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Product Description

The L-AV8 Performance Socks are made from Graphene fibers which are infused with L-AV8 IE Technology.  When working in conjunction, these two technologies offer numerous benefits.  The moisture wicking fibers keep your feet dry and odor free while also improving circulation.  Wearing L-AV8 Performance Socks creates less inflammation which results in improved endurance, recovery and flexibility.  These durable Graphene fibers provide unparalleled comfort for any occasion.

  • Men’s size 8-13
  • Women’s size 9-13
  • Crew Cut
  • 3-Pack
  • Infused with L-AV8 IE Technology for improved endurance, recovery and flexibility
  • Made with a superior Polyester and Graphene blend for durability, comfort, antimicrobial and moisture wicking

6 reviews for Unisex Black L-AV8 Performance Socks 3-Pack

  1. Clint I.

    They look great and fit great. I wore these socks during my 12 hr shift at a steel mill, and it was the first time I finished my shift without any foot fatigue or soreness.

  2. Joe E.

    If you’re on your feet most of the day then these are the socks for you. I work in a home improvement center and these actually make my feet feel better. No more sore feet at the end of my shift, I didn’t know there was anything out there that would help my feet and varicose vanes do better but I’m glad I found these. Buying more now.

  3. Luke Ellifritz

    I spend 8-12 hours a day on my feet. I’ve always had trouble with finding good socks. These pass the test with flying colors. I am also noticing a lot less lower back pain since switching to L-AV8 socks. I am a believer!

  4. Gene

    I recently purchased the L-AV8 socks. These socks are for real! My feet feel so good I just ordered TWELVE MORE PAIRS!

  5. Chris Everett

    I have planters fasciitis and am on my feet all day. It’s so painful. I started wearing these socks to work at the hospital and can’t believe how much better my feet feel.

  6. Dillon Isaak

    I’ve gone through tons of different brands trying to find the best sock for being on my feet all day. Whether it’s working on concrete, walking through the hills, or simply working around the house, L-AV8 has knocked it out of the park with these socks. I used to get foot pain quite often and after religiously wearing L-AV8, that has greatly diminished! I got two full packs months ago and even after miles and miles of walking, they are still good as new!

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