Chris Colter

 RN and Mobile Stroke Unit Nurse

“I’ve had tremendous knee pain from multiple surgeries. Wearing L-AV8 clothing has reduced the pain in my knees to such an extent, that I’ve been able to run and workout like I used to.”

April Workman

 Health Coach

“I love working out with my L-AV8 clothing! I feel more energy, and get a better workout every time!”

Taylor Cahalan

 Account Specialist

“I’ve had back problems since high school when I was injured during a cheerleading stunt. I attribute the pain relief I’ve experienced to wearing L-AV8 clothing which has helped with my posture and flexibility as well.”

Jace Bauserman

 Marathon Runner

“Wearing L-AV8 clothing boosts my endurance, but the best part is that it helps with my muscle recovery. I bounce back so much quicker after a long, difficult run.”

Jason Yurcic

 Personal Trainer

“I was blown away by how many inches of flexibility I gained using L-AV8 ATP Spray! I can’t stop telling clients about this stuff!”

Scott Shultz

 Owner/Founder Pnuma Outdoors

I recently had shoulder surgery and have experienced an interesting phenomenon that my wife and I just realized yesterday. A shoulder/rotator cuff surgery is most painful, second only to a knee replacement. Last year, I had my left shoulder done to fix rotator cuff tendon which was almost completely torn off. The surgeon was outspoken about how quickly I recovered and how little pain I had (he thought I was quite tough). This time, I was dreading the right shoulder as it had much more damage and I assumed I would finally experience the high-pain shoulder recovery everyone talks about. MRI confirmed 3 of the 4 rotator tendons torn off, bicep tendon (there are two) torn partially, as well. The surgery at Mayo Clinic, which usually takes 1 hr – 1 1/2 hrs…. took well over two hours. 6 screws in the shoulder, right wrist carpal tunnel surgery as well, three bones spurs removed from shoulder area, etc, etc. The anesthesiologist placed a nerve block in my neck to give me 24-48 hrs of relief. I was expecting a pretty rough recovery. He warned of the same. I go into all this detail for the reason of Pnuma L-AV8. After surgery there’s pain meds every 4 hours and no bath or getting anything wet for three days. During this entire time, I wore a Pnuma Rogue (w/L-AV8) shirt for anti-m and comfort 24/3 days. For the first few days there was occasional modest pain as the nerve block wore off. Never did I have severe pain at all! After 4 days I quit all pain meds and experienced virtually no pain thereafter. Swelling was gone from incision area in three days. Now ten days after surgery, I feel terrific. Zero pain or discomfort of any kind. Yesterday, it hit me… is the L-AV8 which I wear 24/7! Perhaps a new benefit? But now after two virtually pain-free shoulder surgeries, it is almost a miracle! True story!